Ends With Man Rhyming an Assault Rifle

Talk to demons because I want chaos to these angels
Everybody is mistreating to be under the money spells
Obsessed with the poets of evil
Life broke my empire to execute me in form of medieval
My queen was manipulated to suck d*ck for a Kardashian’s living
My brain’s river suffers from extreme pollution like Ganges. Unforgiving
Intrusive thoughts wrote on a notebook page
Reading people’s nightmare on a decaying stage 
Label me the crazy killer of joy 
Always fantasizing about the world getting destroy
I am clutching a help sign. I am begging for healthy change
Stop me from making every person a shooting range

On the Library’s Doors

I read once  

"The earth 

is celibate when 

it comes to peace 


is whore when 

it comes to violence.”

Ley Samdez

The Arsonist

Burn down 

the house 

of money 

to smoke 

the ashes 

of dream

Ley Samdez

The Truth is not in The Breath

“Lie” is a fiend for destruction —

That indistinct in the mind —

And sings without the instrument of facts

And never stops —until reality becomes illegal

Ley Samdez 


High with love 

Drunk with hatred 

Tipsy with peace 

Sober with chaos

Ley Samdez

She Releases Heaven’s Noise

Your moans are my only wanted noise

A sound that licks me with liveliness to erect a love habitation

A sound that rockets me to an universe of gratification

It is a snare for entrapping my excitements

I, to be eternally entangle with your moans 


Your moans are melting my soul

Its heat is stimulating my indecency 

Its light is naughtying my feelings 

Its spark is arousing my manhood 

Its fire is kinking my personality

I am hoping for no silence or no deafness


Should bury me with its loudness

Submissive me with its dominatrix’s roar

Moans, poison me

Moans, intoxicate me 

Pornography acts, to have moan’s enthusiastic melody

To drive me through its tunnel of music 

To sexually inhale its high pitch 


Erases my ruin streets 

Blots out the nails’ of inhumane 

Rubs out the unpleasant encounters

Empties my earth that is outfitted with stress

Removes my obese anger 

Cancel negativity that overwhelms me 

Abandon friends that implant irritation

Disconnect lousy occupation that salute to unhappiness

All when I listen to her gorgeous moans

Ley Samdez 

How I Picked A Religion

Sixteen is robbing to be noticed by thug nation

Sixteen is selling drugs for a muscular reputation

Sixteen is trying to make the best movie gangster imitation

Sixteen wanted to gang experience 

he did not want to be average clean

Sixteen posted the sticker

revealing him living in jail

Sixteen imagined himself exhausting a pistol

he wanted scars and wounds to be produce by thuggish behaviors

a Penthouse’s female model had a part on Sixteen’s sexual aspirations

he wanted to devise a plan on drug selling

Sixteen wanted to be a Jay-Z rapper

Sixteen evolved into thirty-one with regrets

thirty-one cannot grab the stress that’s running its brain

so alcoholism became his religion

Thirty-one realize hell was disguised as heaven. 


She asked

left ear and right ear

to harbor her family and allow goodness to bleed

for her children’s mind to be abducted by intellectual

for success to be with a broken spine.

She asked

left ear and right ear

to decapitate the sloth that’s bullying her hubby

to suicide his self-pity lane

to block him from using fugitive when commitment glares.

She asked

left ear and right ear

to shove her boy aside from bad deeds

to hang her boy’s heart on good deeds.

She asked

left ear and right ear

non-dealer son-in-law

non-fiend clubbing daughter

swimmers in the ocean of granddaughter’s needs

then she falls in a wonder

“Does the ears in truth exist?”

So atheism became her religion

She realize misery was disguised as happiness.



liked the room where teaching attempts to eradicate ignorance

but the loathing of Walking home and Lunch period 

handcuff Blameless like a caught crook

Walking home punches Blameless daily

and knocks Blameless’s book

Lunch period invents hateful comments to spit on Blameless

Lunch period is a success on carrying hellish to Blameless

but on the present platform

Walking home and Lunch period

both stuck inside a casket

so prisonism became religion

Blameless realize ruination was disguised as kill.

Ley Samdez

Cerebral Cortex

A seductive dance got me calling her “Soulmate.”

Staring at her angel face got me saying “Amen.”

A candy body

I want to taste, lick, suck

My tree grows

grip an urge to shake my tree.

While tossing my dollar

I think about the cutting of my stripper obsession collar

but it’s better and above all

I fear

the stripper might become the water of my earth

It’s highly odd

a stripper got me

longing to be the pole she dance on

longing to be her preferred mirror

longing to be the arms that lovely holds her

longing to be the cigarette or reefer

the stripper lays her lips on

A twenty-dollar bill unlatched the doors to a dry beer stench room

stripper shoved me gently

I fell on a dingy chair

my nose breathing in the romance

her grinds are ablaze with nirvana

I see pleasure through her breast’s eyes

Her suppleness

her caress

her face expression

I yearn for an eternal session

Her smirk

her distorted attitude

I yearn for our tongue to ballroom dance

I change into a person that’ll qualify for Lexapro

when check-out activate its grow

Her good-nights doesn’t skate on several ice

it’s nice and loyal to heartfelt 

During my exit the stripper enters my brain

she stains every thinking part of my domain

I go inside and switch operate on my car

with the stripper on my brain. 

I am driving on Queens Boulevard and some streets

with the stripper on my brain

I go inside

acquire comfortableness and pitch myself to bed

with the stripper on my brain

A petite chat

then I passionately sex my wife







Ley Samdez 

Blurry Ocean

I was on a boat once

I was assertive as a sailor

I was proud


determined on my boat

Happy because of the adventures

me and my boat were going to live

Happy because it was a boat

I worked to discover

It sunk sadly by a storm named criticism

clouds floated with the pace of sadism

The storm robbed my motivation


fed steroids to my negative thoughts

The storm had heavy rain saying, 

“You better abandon your boat before you drown 

in the ocean of non-success.” 

The storm had thunder and lighting saying, 

“Too many people are doing the same thing you’re doing,

don’t even bother.”

The storm had the wind

once gentle and light to me

came heavy and strong

strapped to a wicked yell,

“Your boat is not talented enough to reach the ocean that’s reality!”

And that struck my boat

I named dream

and that completely spoiled my boat

I named dream

and that dismantled my boat

I named dream

never got to sail the ocean of supreme

Ley Samdez 


I heard the idea of hiring me 

drove in the 1940s’ Hudson River

A philanthropist intently read my application

implied that I would be accurate to help stimulate Lower Manhattan

I heard what negotiation saw

before etching me on employment decision

The negotiation saw

mild anger running

modest joy walking

misunderstanding trudging


The training for my job was located on a landfill with bedrock

Yamasaki and others 

plugged themselves on my training

they constructed a bathtub with a slurry wall, to keep me from drowning

they prepared me to pose stiff for requirements

they provided me with electrical talent

they taught me to control an efficient elevator

they built me to have a narrow view

they fixed me to make occupants feel secure

they covered my physical structure with aluminum alloy

they placed my strength onto the tube-frame design

They did not put their ears on the wall to listen to criticism

they strive until training accepted perfection

Total estimated cost for training had a millionaire’s frame


I began my job in the 1970s 

felt anxiety for months

it broke when another worker with identical training

came to stand tall with me

Felt comfort attach to confidence

I became equipped to sustain my job



aspect of my job

to be a stem of the telecommunications antenna

aspect of my job

to be a giant cabinet to firms

aspect of my job

I held hands with multiple broadcasting systems when they wanted to vent

aspect of my job

I carried the banks and the corporations

aspect of my job

platforming for Windows on the World

aspect of my job

smiling for many tourist’s camera

aspect of my job

hosted the conference center

aspect of my job

sheltered the sparks of computer networking


aspect of my job

to put companies in a privacy tent


1980s and 1990s 

sat together on a bench in Battery Park

They discussed me

being a solid tower during the Goodwin climb

they discussed me

surviving an explosive event

they discussed

three bandits’ action marking my personality with extreme cautious

they discussed me

witnessing a man on wire before the 1980s’ ragged beauty captivated


Job was overcrowded with love

got compliments and told that I am on New York’s icon

Clouds fondled me

raindrops caressed me

snowfall loaded with affection

Six co-workers, which metamorphosed into my family

feelings I released to them was more immense than love

On night’s moments we unveiled ourselves by our bright lights


2001 year

the sun had on its shining gear

the sky dusted blue

I did not have any clue

something named Flight 11

would give me an impact

so I could collapse on the unemployment rack

Ley Samdez