Ends With Man Rhyming an Assault Rifle

Talk to demons because I want chaos to these angels
Everybody is mistreating to be under the money spells
Obsessed with the poets of evil
Life broke my empire to execute me in form of medieval
My queen was manipulated to suck d*ck for a Kardashian’s living
My brain’s river suffers from extreme pollution like Ganges. Unforgiving
Intrusive thoughts wrote on my journal’s page
Reading people’s nightmare on a decaying stage 
Label me the crazy killer of joy 
Always fantasizing about the world getting destroy
I am clutching a help sign. I am begging for healthy change
Stop me from making every person a shooting range

The Trouble of Memory

People could forget 

a lot of things 

but no person could forget 

the jealousy that harshly dominated 

their conscience 

Ley Samdez

On the Library’s Doors

I read once  

"The earth 

is celibate when 

it comes to peace 


is whore when 

it comes to violence.”

Ley Samdez

The Arsonist

Burn down 

the house 

of money 

to smoke 

the ashes 

of dream

Ley Samdez

The Truth is not in The Breath

“Lie” is a fiend for destruction —

That indistinct in the mind —

And sings without the instrument of facts

And never stops —until reality becomes illegal

Ley Samdez 

Phobia without a Pause

I heard the FDNY vomiting its sound

my heart starts fast punching my chest

an earthquake flowing through my entire body

a condition of uneasiness is encircling me 

I am thinking of terror robbing self-discipline 

sweat of panic is trickling off my frighten face 

a shortness of oxygen did not avoid me 

anxiety is undeniably a wicked curse

I desperately am wishing to be deaf to all sirens


The baleful flashes made from siren 

are my bullies

I never handled the noisy harassment well 

the anxiety assaults weaken my pleasant mind 

infected my brain with a mental turmoil

for which there is no known healing 

crated my sociable strength 

implanted a fear on my outside world

feeling paranoid like a crystal meth user


I am engineering holes so anxiety’s blood 

could drip out of me 

I am big failure on hypnotizing self 

to abolish the overpowering fear that always corrupt my inner being

I am changing into self-abuser

to mend the fabric of my damaged brain

I am awake with counselor, therapist, and psychiatrist 

all struggling to edit phobia episode 

that was debuted by traumatic experience 


A decade has played its show 

I still have not been a non-afraid 

to step out of this shade 

The fear of siren is my recognized phobia 

since the day 

mother baptized her coat on lethal gasoline 

since the day 

mother put on coat 

since the day 

mother lit coat 

since the day 

mother adopted the shout of a desperate person to voice 

“Wanna burn in earth’s hell, I have ruined my fine lord!” 

since the day 

I heard just sirens while mother was getting eaten by fire

since the day 

mother got burnt to a dead corpse

Ley Samdez

The Walls are Listening to a Mental Patient

My time machine is thoroughly done

now it’s time to get back to twenty-five


set change to my begun

What I hear and see at thirty-six

painful like a loved one decease 

Thirty-six me

threw the disgrace dust into my creators’ eyes

Thirty-six me

threw my creation and my lover into the maze of poverty

Tired of me

having insomnia and tears

Tired of me

viewing negativity

Tired of me

just being with fantasies and desiring motions

Tired of me

evacuating lies

So, yep!  I am stepping into my time machine 


pushing life floor twenty-five

Ley Samdez

Poem About a Serial Killer

i am out here a thouSand miles from untroubled, 

pleading for a murderer not To swing its illness blade. 

i am seeing its living, frustrate families and energize death.

bathe in the poisonous lake of cannibalism,

the murderer feasted on livers, lungs, skins, spinals, balls, and brains. 


yo, yO, i witnessed one of its slaughters at an alcohol and tobacco lounge. 

Put an infection of machete inside mouth,

to slice five-inch-long muscular tube,

to quiet the vibration that brings rhythms to words, 

and to screw out the lids on windpipe.


hey, hello, I can disCern its sexually deviant behaviors,

i heard its racket of brutAl rapes,

habitually licking females’ breasts with its lumpy tongue,

the murderer’s horniness always decay women’s health,

habitually anal sex males to feel part of a prostate region,

the murderer fucks wrinkle men in their deathbed.  


hi, hi, compared to a Nuclear weapon because of people it killed.

emotionally Crippled most of the communities,

threw tragic stones and broke many homes. 

the leading cause of obliteration, 

survivors are grateful for every healthy day they collect. 

chemoradiation may badly bruise murderer, 

but is also hurtful for body and mind,

i occasionally panic when my thoughts frame it with monstrous plague. 


so long, farewell, evaporatE its horrendous liquid, 

dynamite the path it runs thRough, 

rip up its costume that was styled by execution,

cross out its torturous chemical that was launched,

overthrow its government,

overthrow its ruler, 

manipulate it to commit suicide

change to untrue, 

change to nonexistence,  

thieve its savage strength,

conclude its vicious personality, 

i wanna say last goodbye, 

i wanna holler forever imprisonment. 

Ley Samdez


High with love 

Drunk with hatred 

Tipsy with peace 

Sober with chaos

Ley Samdez

She Releases Heaven’s Noise

Your moans are my only wanted noise

A sound that licks me with liveliness to erect a love habitation

A sound that rockets me to an universe of gratification

It is a snare for entrapping my excitements

I, to be eternally entangle with your moans 


Your moans are melting my soul

Its heat is stimulating my indecency 

Its light is naughtying my feelings 

Its spark is arousing my manhood 

Its fire is kinking my personality

I am hoping for no silence or no deafness


Should bury me with its loudness

Submissive me with its dominatrix’s roar

Moans, poison me

Moans, intoxicate me 

Pornography acts, to have moan’s enthusiastic melody

To drive me through its tunnel of music 

To sexually inhale its high pitch 


Erases my ruin streets 

Blots out the nails’ of inhumane 

Rubs out the unpleasant encounters

Empties my earth that is outfitted with stress

Removes my obese anger 

Cancel negativity that overwhelms me 

Abandon friends that implant irritation

Disconnect lousy occupation that salute to unhappiness

All when I listen to her gorgeous moans

Ley Samdez